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FineBit Token® IDO.

Be a Part of our Journey to Success Worldwide. A better way for investing.

FineBit Token® is a derived digital asset, the value of which is during the IDO backed-secured by a guarantee (20.5 million USD) from Vantage Management LLC. Participate in the success of gold-backed secure FineBit Token® worldwide.

100% secure for our investors. The safety and protection of investors is our highest standard.

Later: We will be releasing a limited number of our own minted physical gold coins that can be bought at a special price.


FINEBIT presale is over:

Time is up, sorry!


FINEBIT TOKEN SOLD (early investor + token sale)

 Token presale is over!

Our Core

What are you investing in?

FineBit Token® (FBT) is a backed-secure Coin for the future of investing.


FineBit Token® (BEP20)
Wallet: Metamask
Symbol: FBT
Decimals: 18
SoftCap: 500.000 USD
Max supply of the IDO: 7,818,181 (42,99%)
1 Token: 0,89 USD
Pay with: BNB
Add FineBit Token® to your Metamask: click here
Max Supply: 18,181,818 FBT
Token Contract  Address: 0x99fF6316E635B8b0e0b6053b2495b8861ee9b8c2
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  • Token Development
  • Marketing
  • Exchange Listings
  • Financing the Expansion Plans
  • Increase the Gold Production
  • Company Partnerships
  • Invest in FineBit Token®
  • Sale of our real Gold Coin
For security reason we didnt hold any Tokens or Wallets on our Website. You didnt need to Register or Login. After your Payment over our IDO Website you will receive your bought Tokens secure to your decentralized wallet.

Invest in a Token with a Future.

The future belongs to those who take it into their own hands. Only transparency and fairness create trust. Invest in a backed-secure and decentralized FineBit Token®. Cryptoworld meets real values. FineBit Token® is a registered Trademark.

Gold is the most stable asset valued over time. In Q2/Q3/2022 every FineBit Token® will store a value of physical gold of our Gold Mines and every owner has the opportunity to exchange their value in Finebit Token® for the equivalent in physical gold after KYC (bars/coins/nuggets).

Our Goal

FineBit Token® Cryptoexchanges.

Why FineBit Token® is going to be the next big crypto thing.

The rapid growth of the crypto trade shows that traditional finance and crypto do not have to be opposites. FineBit® can be a bridge between the crypto world and physical gold.

Enter your successful journey with FineBit® and become part of the Startup revolution.

Investors – both corporate and private ones – will trade on several big crypto exchanges and gives us the chance to make your investments grow faster and give better returns.

Take your chance to be successful

Become a Part of our Amazing Success Story

FineBit Token® is an Investment in a store of value in gold. Our Roadmap will plan in Q2/Q3/2022 that every FineBit Token® is stored with a value of physical gold from our Gold Mines. We plan also to Re-Invest into our FineBit Token® on listed Exchanges.
The Success of FineBit® is your Success

FineBit Token Price (1 Token)

0,89 USD

How it all Started


The FineBit Project Idea was born!


FineBit® backed-secure decentralized Token Idea was born. FineBit® is a bridge between the crypto world and real goods #gold.


Further Steps….

Finebit® Website and Token development. Initiate marketing measures. Patent registration Finebit Token®. Application for IDO investor protection 20.5 million USD.


Marketing Campaign.

Marketing Campaign.

Starting In- and outbound social marketing (Twitter/Facebook and so on) Parts of the IDO funds are invested in global marketing to make the FineBit Token® even better known.


Starting Token Sale IDO.

Starting Token Sale IDO.

Open the Token Sale for all Investors who wants to participate into the success of FineBit® Worldwide. FineBit® Token Sale is Protected during the IDO with 20.5 million USD against Scam.


After Crowdsale.

After Crowdsale.

Plan and implement for listing on the Exchanges Hotbit, Binance, 1Inch, Pancakeswap. Re-Invest in our Token on the Exchanges.


Expansion of Production.

Expansion of Production.

After Crowdsale expanding of Gold Production in our Gold Mines and expansion of new markets worldwide.


Selling our FineBit® gold coin.


The sale of our FineBit® gold coins with our own embossing is being forced. Limited number of pieces.


Plan 2022!

Plan 2022!

…Roadmap for the year 2022 coming soon..

Meet Our Brilliant Minds

Our Motivated Team

FineBit Token® Sale

How to Buy our Token?

For security reason we didnt hold any Tokens or Wallets on our Website. We never send you any payment links via Email/Socials or others.


Start: August 28, 2021, Saturday, 12:00 AM (GMT)
Soft cap: $ 500.000
Hard cap: $ 7 Million
Decimals: 18
Token Symbol: FBT
Project protocol: BEP20
Distributed to Community: 7,818,181 (42,99%)
Max Supply: 18,181,818 FBT
1 Token: 0,89 USD
Wallet: Metamask

How to step by step!

1. First you need Binance Coin (BNB)

Buy our Finebit Token® first you need Binance Coins (BNB).

  1. Buy it on centralized exchange like Binance (you need to register and KYC). click here.
  2. Buy it anonym on decentralized exchange/swap Plattforms (Metamask/TrustWallet/BinanceWallet).                                                          PancakeSwap or



2. Visit or Pancakeswap.

  • Visit the Exchange to buy FineBit Token® decentralized, secure and anonym:


  • After your payment the Exchange Website send your bought Tokens automatically to your decentralized Wallet. You have full-control over your bought gold-backed, secured FineBit Tokens®


Token Structure

Distribution of our Tokens!

The tokens are distributed as follows: 42,99% is spent to the community. 22% are reserved for fast investments (Marketing, Token Listing). The founders and the team get 30% of the tokens and 5% of the tokens get our advisors and supporters.

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